Handmade paper for rural and ecological development

July 3, 2015

Handmade paper is the type of paper that is made through the recycled pulp. It is considered to be one of the most ancient and oldest technologies related to paper making. Handmade papers possess awesome texture and strength for the artists. It is generally used as letter heads, packaging, and file covers etc because of its roughness and strength. Handmade paper industry is deemed to be the most important industries of the small rural industry sector. The handmade paper industry provides direct employment to over seventeen thousand people of the many rural areas.
Handmade paper making involves manufacturing of the paper like permanent paper for documents, artists drawing paper, dark coloured handmade card sheets, exclusive greetings, numerous fancy and shimmery decorative wraps, unique carry and gift bags, water mark handmade paper certificates, pads and filter papers. The handmade paper products have an excellent domestic market. Handmade papers also find a great demand of handmade greeting cards, stationery, packaging industry and export markets. The manufacturing of a Handmade Paper would involve many steps namely, preliminary treatment, beating, sheet formation, pressing, peeling, drying, removal of dust and dirt, tub sizing, calendaring, final sorting and packaging.

Handmade papers are highly eco- friendly papers. The demand of handmade papers is increasing both nationally and internationally. The waste materials in rural areas can make a harmful effect on the environment but if they are recycled and converted into environment friendly handmade papers through efficient utilization of technology techniques of recycling the wastes, the pollution can be reduced.

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