Make innovative décor items using handmade papers

October 9, 2015

Life is a science. We as humans can utilize this science and convert it into an art. A life without creativity is worthless. Creativity lies in the hands of a creator. Handmade Papers are a perfect quintessence of such creativity. You just need bit of imagination and smartness to make your beautiful handmade papers.  There are easy steps to create a paper. You just need colorful paper of your choice, gallon of water, plain paper sheets, a big wide container or beaker, sponge, blender and a mould. Just soak the colorful paper in the water overnight and blend that mixture in a blender.

Spread it over a cloth and keep it under sunlight for few days, the mixture will get hard and stick it by mixing glue. Your handmade or recycled paper is ready to use.  You can even incorporate various patterns on your paper using colors, glitters or markers so as to give your paper a dense look and texture.

These handmade papers can be used for making gift boxes or can also be used as cover for covering practical files of your kids. Such covers look really authentic and smart. They are resistant to tear since they are thick. People who are conscious about their environment and love to do something worthwhile to conserve it make use of handmade paper to make gift boxes, cards, and many more décor items. These papers are available in myriad colors which can be used to create different products in imaginative ways.

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